Grand Prix of Baltimore adding Budweiser Party Zone

BALTIMORE – Organizers of the Grand Prix of Baltimore presented by SRT today announced the Celebration of Acceleration will include a Budweiser Party Zone where adult event-goers can experience a unique sports bar venue and great live musical entertainment throughout Labor Day weekend.

Located along Light Street near the main straightaway and Turns 1 and 2, the Budweiser Party Zone will be an ideal setting for spectators 21 years of age and older to gather, enjoy a range of Budweiser products and take in all the racing action at one of the street course’s most exciting locations.

The Budweiser Party Zone will offer a range of great food offerings, live radio broadcasts with 98 Rock (WIYY-FM) and live musical performances throughout the weekend by Sly 45, the Doyle Brothers and Levi Stephens.

“The Budweiser Party Zone is a great addition to the Celebration of Acceleration,” said Debbie Bell, vice president of sales and marketing for Race On, promoter of the Grand Prix of Baltimore presented by SRT. “Our goal is to provide fans of all ages with three days of great entertainment in downtown Charm City, and the Budweiser Party Zone is the perfect place for those 21 and older to enjoy this dynamic three-day event.”

“The Grand Prix of Baltimore is one of the largest and most exciting sporting events on the East Coast, and we’re excited to be a part of it,” said Brian Hartlieb, sales and marketing manager for Winner Distributing. “The Budweiser Party Zone will be the ultimate destination for fans who want to relax with their friends, experience the best racing in the world and take in some truly amazing bands.”

Live musical entertainment will begin in the Budweiser Party Zone on Friday, Aug. 30 at noon*, with local favorites Sly 45 performing its unique fusion of jazz, blues and pop. Baltimore’s 98 Rock will broadcast live on Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will kick off the day’s festivities with Bacon and Bud.

On Saturday, Aug. 31, Sly 45 returns to the Budweiser Party Zone from noon to 3 p.m*. The Doyle Brothers, a New York-based band that combines the timeless classics of the Everly Brothers with the modern swagger of Michael Bublé and Bruno Mars, will perform from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.*

The Doyle Brothers open Sunday’s entertainment in the Budweiser Party Zone, performing from noon to 3 p.m.* Levi Stephens – whose music ranges from R&B to soul, rock and gospel – will perform from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.*

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The key to getting an affordable flight to Orlando is

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Apart from pro BPO tax policies, Mauritius advocates can point

Apart from pro BPO tax policies, Mauritius advocates can point to a democratic government and sound infrastructure. The island telecommunications system got a major boost last year, when Mauritius linked up with the South Africa Far East (SAFE) fiber optic cable. That underwater cable system in turn ties into another high bandwidth cable network connecting South Africa to Europe.. Natural Selection will offer dishes for lunch and dinner, which can range from tequila shrimp and honey sriracha chicken to sirloin steak. There are also vegetarian options that include veggie lasagna or tofu honey sriracha, along with wraps and salads. The shop also offers sides options and snack add ons, such as a fruit parfait.. By Caitlin UltimoA new school year may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end just yet. Make a day out of recreating your favorite summer memories, whether it includes that fun day at the water park, cheap nfl jerseys china relaxing barbecue at home or day trip to the city.1. Create a backyard water park.That June day at the water park sure was a blast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun on a smaller scale the cheap nfl jerseys china goal here is to remember the fun, not one up it. Offensively, the Packers clearly built their game plan around two things. They exploited Kansas City’s cornerbacks, particularly Willie Mitchell, in the passing game; and they pounded away at the right side of the Chiefs’ defensive line. According to the official play by play, Jim Taylor ran left on 12 of his 17 runs and the halfbacks ran left on seven of 15 attempts. Some of the most cheap football jerseys creative and unique christmas tree decorating ideas are actually the ones that are the cheapest. Don’t think for a minute that decorating a tree, whether it be an artificial tree, a wall mounted tree or a real tree has to be boring! The key is to use your imagination to come up with ideas that will reflect your interests and personal style. When it comes to christmas tree decorating ideas, necessity really is the mother of some great inventions!. It never gets old. But my advice is to soak up the ambiance of the South Bronx, not just go to a game. Parking there is $25. For specifics contact your loan servicer. While you’re at it, ask about a loan “curtailment.” By paying down a big chunk of the mortgage you may be able to not only cancel PMI but at the same time have the lender agree to a lower required monthly payment. Note that not all loans qualify for a modification, some lenders have a curtailment fee, and there may be other requirements which the lender can explain.

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I agree. In both of these scenarios, customers are taking advantage of the restaurants to the point of ridiculousness. It has never occurred to me to ask for extra lemons and sugar and attempt to create my own lemonade at a table in a restaurant, nor would I have dreamed that people would use a hamburger condiments area as a “free” salad bar. Union success would unquestionably raise Amazon’s costsand slow the growth of employee productivity. Wages would beginincreasing in line with employee productivity, and productivitygrowth itself would slow as the cheap nfl jerseys china union and the Betriebsrat togetherblunted Amazon’s practice of pushing employees to the limit andbeyond. We can be sure that at this point, Amazon would play the”cult of the customer” for all its worth and would do the same in anAmerican setting if faced with the same challenge. Scrape out the old grout first, then pick a fresh color to breathe new life into a tired dcor, says Fanuka. Like to blend the color as close to the tile as possible, so it appears almost like a clean, solid sheet. But if you really want to make it pop, only paint one wall.. A French meat wholesaler, Spanghero, bought the meat from the trader, then resold it to the French frozen food processor Comigel. The resulting food was marketed in Britain and other countries under the Sweden based Findus label as lasagna and cheap nfl jerseys other products containing ground beef.The responsibility started upstream, chief executive Barthelemy Aguerre said Friday. We didn t want to cheat anyone.The Romanian companies and the Dutch trader also deny fraud. Then, you can also cheap nfl jerseys china go online and shop from the various sites that stock a large number of used and new Apple devices for sale. The main benefit of buying it online is that you get more options there. When you search online, you will find a different, but the price is something that anyone can easily afford. Newcastle Brand Director Quinn Kilbury said the campaign is not meant to be a shot at Anheuser Busch InBev, the exclusive beer advertiser for the game, or any other Super Bowl marketer. Most Super Bowl marketing is “a little over the top and ridiculous,” he said. “We’re not saying that’s a bad thing. Waiting to feel good was an elusive proposition, physically and emotionally. Even spiritually. In search of comfort beyond the edible realm, I started digging deeper into my quest for some sort of God like sustenance: Going to yoga, reading books on snuggly, big tent lefty Christianity, Buddhism, radical acceptance, being in the now.

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City officials say to repaint the water tank will cost 24 thousand dollars. I was really disappointed. CITY COUNCILOR SIGNE LENDELL SAYS REPAINTING THE TANK IS SIMPLY A WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY. The DefenderPad was designed and made right here in America by Daniel DeBaun to protect you from Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation. Mr. Debaun was in the Telecommunication Industry for 25 years where he spent some of that time as an engineer at Bell Labs. We gasped at the long views, the desolate, barren beauty of the snow and ice covered pines. Alone at the observation tower, we could see for miles, snowy peaks in every direction, icy and uniform and unending. I felt so small. Yes, there are other restaurants in the park where Disney characters will make appearances and visit with children. However, they, too, are sometimes hard to book. Peardon recommends booking reservations at the park, including hotel, restaurants and FastPass (which gives you quicker access to rides) at least three months in advance; Lusk says he books his reservations at least six months out.. It turned out Brno did have a team, although not a particularly inspiring one. (They’ve now reverted to their historic name, Zbrojovka Brno). I located the ground on a map and ventured out there for the first home game of the season. Perhaps that experience is one cheap nfl jerseys china of the things that has driven Mikiten, now an architect based in Emeryville, to develop some of the most innovative disabled housing developments in the nation. One of those projects is the newly opened Adeline Street Apartments, a 19 unit building that provides ground floor retail and housing for a few dozen physically disabled people and their families. The residents were chosen by cheap nba jerseys lottery from a list of hundreds wholesale jerseys of other Section 8 applicants.. Are changing, Gunn said. Want to live more simply than they used to. That why rentals are popular these days. Recently replaced my printer. I have for free an unused color ink cartridge: Canon 41. This ad proclaimed that, “It started here,” but that statement is historically inaccurate. We needed a way to keep it cold after being outside of the cooler. I bet a lot of you have had that identical or similar type of experience. Well, from that day on we realized what we always had to have if we were going to be enjoying the outdoors; it’s not surprisingly beer Koozies.. GREENSBORO, NC I love a good DIY. Maybe because I like trying and testing different things maybe because I cheap. Either way, with the first snow storm of the year heading to North Carolina, I figured I test 10 winter weather hacks to help you beat the ice, now and just overall cold.

I found the staff much better trained and more welcoming

I found the staff much better trained and more welcoming than you’d expect in a budget hotel. They enthusiastically help you check in at self service machines and, when I asked for a glass of tap water at the bar, I was even offered ice and lemon. The Thyme restaurant looks almost sophisticated, and bedrooms are decent (if you like purple) but when you arrive, ask for one that isn’t overlooking the railway at the rear.. Cranberries are ready when soft, with a syrupy sauce. Remove from oven and immediately stir in orange liqueur or squeeze a little juice from a fresh orange over the top. Let sauce cool to room temperature. Corgis may cheap football china be short, but they’re not lacking in muscle. A set of strong thighs gives this dog a lot of power for moving fast, which may explain why the breed was so popular in Medieval times for herding cattle and sheep. “These great little dogs have an uncanny desire to work,” says Jeff Werber, a licensed veterinarian and founder of Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, Calif. One of the 60 some historic structures is the 1897 octagonal Clausing Barn, which can seat 175. Some bridal couples opt for a horse wholesale nfl jerseys drawn bridal carriage or horse drawn omnibus for wedding attendants. Packages range from $3,000 to $5,000, and the setting is Kettle Moraine State Forest. Picking the right travel agency can provide you best travel deals with cheap airfare, better hotel stay, extra benefits and activities. Cheap nfl Jerseys There are many packages available for ready tour, where you can choose the one that best suits your requisite. Best and cheap holiday and vacation packages are the most familiar and largely enjoyed tour packages across the world. I showed them my VIP chop and they let me in. The lighting was still bad and standing 2 metres away from the extremel good lookers, I was trying to decipher whether that was REALLY Daniel Wu. As I was discussing with Ravin who was enthusiastically coaxing me into talking to the Daniel Wu suspect, the group started to leave. She’s worried that the super pill will wind up in a bowl at a pill popping party, and a teen will take it. “We see kids that come in all the time from overdosing on different drugs, street drugs, prescription drugs. Anything that kids can get their hand on, they’re likely to take and try,” Dawkins said.. Four years, $40 million and he still can shoot a jumper. This has DiSaster written all over it. When NHL players get all excited about getting an escrow payment during this lockout, isn it the same as getting a tax refund? You can be all pumped up about it but the truth is, all you getting back is money you already earned.

When I graduated from college, I swore I never would

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The wine that wowed Decanter’s tasters was shipped in bulk

The wine that wowed Decanter’s tasters was shipped in bulk to Britain and bottled there, which helps reduce costs, Valenzuela said. Market, Ranco enlisted Vi Luis Felipe Edwards to bottle the wine in Chile. Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Prestige Wine Spirits Group is United States Distilled Products, one of the nation’s largest producers of private label liquors.. The burgers, named after sports teams, weigh in at more wholesale jerseys than half a pound and come with homemade potato chips. Some of the toppings are a bit unusual, such as a fried egg, ham or pimento cheese, but they don’t seem to mind if you ask to omit what you don’t want. I like that they serve all beef hot dogs and use local produce, when available, from Madrac Farms in Rincon. Nothing ruins a day on the ice like getting your feet cold. Once they are, your whole body loses heat rapidly, so spending a little extra on boots is a great idea. The same thing goes for socks. The No. 1 market to buy in this year was Moncton, the only city to score an A overall. Regina, Fredericton, Winnipeg and Saint John followed close behind, each with a solid A. A: I did. He said, “Well, you can’t. You have your daughter to take care of and your parents are getting older.” I thought they wouldn’t want me to be in this situation in which I am not happy. That wavering is an issue with other aspects of the comedy, too; there’s one gross out scene that feels out of place and cut too short to truly have impact. Directed by Jonathan Levine, “Snatched” lacks energy and punch. Scenes lag and go on way too long, the scene transitions are awkward and jarring. Burke Ltd. Has started producing our own brand of hand stitched leather goods, all made in England, said Megan. Hulme of St. Beginning Monday, June wholesale nfl jerseys 13, the Missoula Public Library, in collaboration with the Missoula Food Bank, will host daily lunch programs for neighborhood children in the Large Meeting Room. For feeding, with activities at noon. The library is Missoula’s primary free resource for early childhood literacy resources. In more recent years, microbes have proved their worth through things like polymerase chain reaction, a now common method to amplify DNA in the lab, in forensics and in medicine. The process depends on an enzyme from a bacterium retrieved from a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park in the 1960s and fuels billions of dollars in economic activity annually. In addition, the re tasking of a natural microbial immune system, CRISPR, has enabled cheap sports jerseys precise genome editing from microbes to plants and animals.