“If you’re into the outdoors, I’d send you to Loretto, Mexico, near Cabo on the Baja Peninsula. (You can fly direct to Cabo from Charlotte.) You can do weeklong group kayaking trips that are fully outfitted, and paddle among whales in a marine sanctuary. This will cost you under $1,000 total a price that beats the all inclusive resorts in Cabo and you don’t need to be a triathlete.

Originally located on College Road near Illinois Street, Apocalypse Design is now based in a former three bedroom, two story house on Minnie Street that is home to a workshop and retail store. The workshop, the largest room, contains a table with sewing machine and a table for cutting fabric. One sewing machine was running on a visit Thursday morning, stitching together one of Apocalypse’s lightweight coats.

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Geek Squad, Best Buy tech support unit, said today it will update its fleet with more than 1,000 Prius C hybrids, each branded with a redesigned logo. Best Buy spokeswoman Paula Baldwin said about 700 of the cars will enter the fleet immediately, and the rest will be added later in the year. The cars will remain in the lineup for 48 months or until they reach 65,000 miles, she said..

BUT CORBETT AD MAKES SEVERAL CLAIMS THAT THE MORE CONTEXT LIKE THIS ONE. I HOPE WOLF ALSO RAISES THE SALES TAX. EVERYTHING IN STORES IS SO CHEAP THESE DAYS. I really can’t believe the plan is set in stone at this stage. Hopefully we’ll find out more tomorrow. Not having seen the plan myself, I’m not sure whether I support it or not.